Twelve Twelve Twelve

Today is significant. We’re gonna have to wait another century for the day, month, and year to be the same number again.

In order to celebrate this numerically significant day, I will think of how the number 12 has affected my own life:

The number of…

1. chips in bags nowadays (wtf, amirite?)all that and a bag of chips






But some people never grow out of it.

2. years to create the world’s most awkward lifestage









Montreal_Peppered_Steak.ashx3. ounces for a medium-sized steak





stay in bed all day4. hours I wish I could stay in bed everyday




WTF are you looking at?
WTF are you looking at?

5. times I’ve been harassed by a dog or cat





6. times in a day I wish I remembered to do somethingto-do-list-nothing





Daniel+Craig sweat wipe
I know, you’re getting old. Don’t sweat it. I still love you.

7. years younger I wish Daniel Craig was









Alex Pettyfer-RSH-007023
I know, in reality, I’d take him now. Dayum.

8. years older I wish Alex Pettyfer was










BathtubSpaghetti9. feet of spaghetti I want to dive into




961_684552608946_5921_n10. seconds it usually takes to get my attention while I’m watching TV





union-buffet11. plates of food I feel I should go through at a buffet to get my money’s worth but realize I want to live



2012-05-17 13.55.0812. years ago my mother started menopause and nearly killed me during a hot-flash emotional rampage








Happy 12/12/12 everybody!

This is Amy Hu signing off for December 12th, 2012.

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