i ain’t big-boned–i’m just chubby and funny-boned

5th grade was one of the most monumental years of my life. I was first pick before all the boys at recess basketball. I became a real woman when Aunt Flo made her way into my life (even though I told her I had way too many Aunties already). I got my very own purple Sony walkman and recorded Monica’s “Angel of Mine’ 5 times in a row on my not-so-mixed tape. My parents got dial-up internet. And most importantly, above all else, I was voted class clown at the end of the year.

I had found the core of who I was and wanted to make every person around me laugh. And through this section of my blog, I want to share funny moments and reflections (and quite dramatically most of the time). I wouldn’t say that my life is any more interesting than the average person, but I find myself feeling like I’m on The Truman Show much of the time. Could this be slight paranoia? Though quite possibly so, I do believe God has the biggest sense of humor and I am a vessel for it. Because sometimes coincidences are way too convenient of an explanation for what happens.

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