a mini memoir

Some of best memories growing up were the two nights my parents had off from the restaurant. We would get picked up from school with Mom and Dad in casual wear and head straight to the grocery store. It was always an opportunity for us kids to make our case for the latest snacks to Mom, while Dad would bring the classroom into the produce and meat aisles. The moment we got home, we’d all play our part in helping get the groceries into the right places. Then everyone got to work. My mother is actually a terrible cook, and so she would help Dad wash, chop, and prepare any ingredients he needed for dinner. My sisters and I did our best to finish our homework before dinner so we could watch our shows afterward. We always chose to do my homework at the kitchen table, even though our teachers always got mad at us for the copious amounts of oil stains on our assignments. From prepping to cooking to eating, these were the sacred hours that my family had together: Mom and Dad in the kitchen, us girls right next to them watching our dinner transform in front of us. We rarely hesitated when Dad would yell the official dinner call. We would quickly clear our homework from the table and set up for dinner. Rice bowls stacked next to the rice cooker, chopsticks laid out on top of napkins, small plates for bones and shells, Dad’s brandy glass, and the Chinese news turned on were the ingredients for a successful dinner at the Hu household.

This is how my parents loved and cared for our family. And in turn, how I love others.

photo by Kylene Hong. medium rare tri-tip.

what you’ll find here

My desire for this food section of my blog site is to share this love and passion for all things edible. Unfortunately, I will not include recipes when I write about things I’ve created. It’s not always a part of my process, and not the purpose I have for this. My hope is for my readers to simply enjoy the reflections of my personal culinary creations, be inspired, and partake in my gluttonous adventures.

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