The Comeback

At approximately 8:37am this morning, I was woken up by a strange tingling and itching feeling at the tips of my fingers. Did my busy week and hence lack of guitar playing allow my callouses to subside and feeling to return? Was I biting my nails in anxiety as I did have a weird dream about monkeys in space? Was I bitten by a radioactive spider and gaining “spidey senses”?

But then it hit me–like the time my friend in high school slapped me across the face when I scared her with a monster mask on.

I haven’t blogged in months.

I’ve missed the world of the interweb to share my moments, thoughts, accounts, rants, and of course, my sitcom-like life.

It’s time my verbose diction came back.

Main reason for my lack of blogging: Pure busyness. I don’t think I lead the average life of a 23 year-old. I’m almost positive I don’t.

In order to sum up the last few months, I have decided to express it through poetry. I hope you find it to be, well, poetic.


The school year ended with a hit out of park,
Teaching a diverse group of students in the book of Mark,
A to-do list of desired accomplishments,
But before I realized, the summer soon came and went,

Worked with Korean kids as Amy Teacher,
Warmed my soul like a winter’s heater,
Loved them like my own,
God’s provision there was sure made known,

Was a guest in two weddings as a friend for the first time,
They were beautiful, mini-reunions, and worth every travel dime,
Made my mind wander in the fantasies of my future husband,
A desired mixture of Jack Black and Clive Owen,

August soon came and the pre-Fall InterVarsity preparations began,
Retreat after retreat to come up with the best plan,
A blitz of prayer and vision for what was ahead,
All while bonding with my community from the break of dawn ‘til I hit my bed,

No season goes without mishaps and unwanted woes,
From leaking water on my mattress to a football to the nose,
I look back with a smile,
For that time was worth all the while,

Fall has flown by with answered prayer in ministry and work,
Starting a third job at Jamba Juice with a discount perk,
Busyness and a packed schedule was at its finest,
But joy and blessings came first in the contest,

Now I’m at waiting with an iced coffee at LAX airport,
Waiting to fly to San Jose in hopes that the flight is smooth and short,
Poor Helen had a flat tire on the way driving here,
But Sam came to the rescue despite the weather and persevered,

More stories of my sitcom life are to come,
But a quick poetic reflection was due, old chum,
So much to say but so little attention span from you,
It’s not your fault, it’s the world we live in, whoop-de-doo.

This is Amy Hu signing off for December 19th, 2010.

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