2009: A Year in Review

A bit late, and the New Year’s hype has definitely died down. But despite that, I got this idea from my friend Janelle to write down the top ten most significant things of 2009. But I did 12 because I couldn’t narrow it down. So here we go:

1. My decision to be an intern staff
2. And in turn, leaving ministry to pursue this journey of healing after realizing the intensity of my own brokenness during the summer
3. Graduating with a B.A. in Mass Communication Studies and a minor in Global Studies.
4. Getting a job at Team Prime Time
5. Becoming more integrated to the Fountain of Life Church community
6. My sister Tammy moving to Shanghai
7. My mom’s decision to sell East Lake, the restaurant, after 16 years of business
8. InterVarsity’s Student Missions Conference: Urbana 09
9. Solidifying lifelong friendships with people in college
10. Enjoying and somewhat struggling through a life of independence here in LA
11. Seeing a professional counselor
12. My grandma’s 80th birthday and reuniting with all of my paternal family members after 10 years.

And of course, here are some New Year’s Resolutions:

  • A legit budget. I have a tendency to overspend simply on the fact that I do not have a good grasp on the amount of money I actually have. No more debt this year please.
  • Exercise and eating healthier. Typical, I know. But hey, it never hurt anyone to shoot for it. On top of this, I hope I can lose 20 pounds. We’ll see how that one goes come December 31st, 2010. I’m developing an Amy-friendly plan.
  • Finishing AFI’s Top 100 movies (the updated list). I had this on my 2009 resolutions. Let’s try it again.
  • Reading all the books I own. I have a ton of books and haven’t read them all. I hope my bookshelf to actually be reflective who I am in some way.
  • Writing a song. I’m very much an amateur musician, as you can see with my #1 hit (note: the ranking is only compared to my other songs but I’ve only had one…), “Wicked Ticket.” It’s pretty ridiculous. But besides that, I am looking into actually writing a song this year, and see what I can come up with.
  • Continue my “healing journey.” There are structures to be set in my schedule for this, such as counseling and Desert Streams, and I pray for strength to continue.
  • Learning the harmonica. I need to get one first. And before that, I need to save up. And before that, I need a budget. Hm.
  • Try different hairstyles. C’mon girl, let’s put some creative energy into the endless possibilities with your head of blah-wannabe-black-but-is-really-brown-dry hair.
  • Get a pair of shoes that are NOT Converse Chucks. As much as I love my Chucks, I need to move on to some more practical and durable shoes. Let’s not get the same pair for the 4th time.
  • Try and not put any more holes in my clothes. I’m setting myself up for failure here.

This is Amy Hu signing off for January 24th, 2010.

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    1. Yes! She is…she decided recently to do so dude. The ad has been up for about two weeks now. So far, no takers. You want in? Ahahaha

      You got a harmonica! Duuuude what key is it in? We should jam some time…like on a porch in rocking chairs…lol

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