Rain Makes Everything So Dramatic

It was 8:47pm when I was on my way out of Ralph’s and realizing I had forgotten to bring my Redboxed “Contagion” DVD back to return (my friend Alvin and I are officially quite a few steps closer to being germaphobes after that movie). The 9pm cut-off was around the corner and I had a choice to make: do I quickly drive home and jet back to not be charged for the additional day?

Hell. Yes.

I ran to my car, getting drenched everywhere and not caring about the lake-size puddles cause by the terribly constructed parking lot. Speeding dangerously through the streets, I swerved into the small driveway of my apartment complex and parked. I carried two packs of soda and three bags of groceries in order to save a trip later (slight regret hit me about halfway up the stairs), and busted open the door and looked frantically for the DVD. My roommate Christina was pretty confused as I mumbled incomprehensible words out loud.

Flying down the stairs, I slipped on what I hope was just mud. But nothing could stop me. It was 8:53pm.

Bruno Mars, the world’s biggest drama king, was wailing on my radio. I let him because of the way dramatic mood. With an incredible spot near the entrance, I ran in and the sky roared with thunder. I like to think God was cheering me on, proud of me going out of my way to literally save a buck. It also made it that much more exciting in my adventure, as if it was me against all the forces of nature. But as I rolled in, my countenance fell in front of the line of  people. It was 8:56pm.

I was queued at #4 in the line and the couple was taking forever to choose their Sunday night movie. I think I almost pulled out my bangs. I turned to the girl who seemed equally anxious and sought empathy by asking if she was trying to make the 9pm cut-off as well. She had no idea what I was talking about but despite the failed attempt, we had a great conversation on this movie I was hoping not to overpay for.

As I became #2, the awesome couple in front of me (who joined our conversation) heard my dilemma and let me cut in front of them. As my new acquaintances surrounded the red machine, I quickly punched the buttons and shoved my DVD into the slot.

I felt like 007 sliding into an elevator shaft just in time for it to close and dodge a hundred bullets. Okay, maybe more like being the last person the checkout girl at the market takes before she closes her register. JUST IN TIME.

8:59:50pm. Ten seconds before the buzzard. I obnoxiously yelled “8:59pm, that’s how it’s done!” after thanking my new friends and triumphantly leaving the market. They laughed and cheered.

Note: This exhaustive post was used simply to enhance the dramatic nature of the story.

This is Amy Hu signing off for March 31, 2012.

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