Two Things to Check Out


I helped my friend Kevin with a wedding video recently, and here is the final product! I mainly worked on camera throughout the day with him and another friend. And as tiring as it was, it slightly scratched my itch to do production work. It was a beautiful wedding, filled with great testimony and sweet moments. If you are looking for an amazing videographer, Kevin Archibald is your guy! Just let me know if you’d like his information. Watch our work and more!


Check out what possession I give up each day during Lent, and find out more and more of what a disgustingly large amount of unnecessary things are being hoarded by yours truly! May I grow in living simply and freeing myself from material possessions! Be gone with you clutter! Out you go excess! GTFO lame stuff!

(This link will be also at the top menu on my main page)

This is Amy Hu signing off for February 24th, 2012.

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