Mighty Endorphin Power Ranger!

I have done my best to release the endorphins that have been cooped up inside me for a while. No, I did not do anything exciting or sexually-related (I know you were thinking it). I simply, after a month of slacking, EXERCISED.

I ran, played basketball (by my lonesome not-so-sadly), jump-roped, and used my stretch band to pump some iron. I save money by not getting a gym membership and simply work out at two places: the local, janky-looking Westwood park and my apartment. At the park, there’s a trail for me to run, basketball courts, grassy areas–it’s great! You just have to compete for space with feisty old folks, new and overprotective moms, and homeless people. I get free parking, locker storage in my car, and an endless amount of water fountain refreshments that will satiate any thirst if you drink it fast and try not to let the water sit too long on your tongue. And at home, I just use the balcony door to secure my stretch band, and all of a sudden I’m destroying my toidcepterals (it’s a muscle somewhere I’m sure).

Yes, why am I working out instead of at my full-time job at the postal center? Well friends, I get two days off a week now: Wednesdays and Sundays. Or else I’d be working 50 hours a week, and trust me, I ain’t getting to Madison if that were the case.  So there is no excuse for me to not work out at least twice a week, and release my endorphins to give me this natural high I’m feeling. But of course, I really need to lose weight and get back in shape. How I miss high school Amy. Her physical health at least…

This is Amy Hu signing off for February 8th, 2012.

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