I have a counselor. A therapist. A “spiritual psychologist,” if you will.

There’s a certain stigma that comes along with having a counselor (which is the term I prefer to use), whether it be cultural, social or even simply within your own family.  Many people may not find seeking another for help is necessary as it means your own abilities are not enough and you give up control. Or maybe things are better left unsaid and in the past, and we should move forward. Or maybe counseling is just for the “crazy” people. These different reasons for why people might shy away from therapy were some things that crossed my mind, but not for very long at all really.

I will fully admit to anyone that desires to know that I need a counselor–someone who will meet with me consistently and help me process the things that are going on in both this tough season, as well as the many painful things from the past that have led to where I am today. Though that statement of “anyone” isn’t entirely true, as I would do my best to avoid revealing to my parents or relatives how I am spending a couple of hundred dollars a month to deal with things they (due to cultural reasons), not in the slightest bit, understand or care to actually.

I remember a while back it seemed like having a therapist actually was becoming a trend–at least in bigger, urban areas where the ability to spend money carelessly were more prevalent. So finding one in LA wasn’t the most difficult task. But finding the right one is where the challenge comes in.

I was blessed enough to get a recommendation from Tracey Gee, our Area Director for IV at UCLA. And after three sessions with Ms. Maureen Morrissey, I feel really blessed to have her as my counselor. She has indeed helped me process both my emotional world and my relationship with God, and bridge the gap between the two in order for me to gain the full experience of “healing.”

I’ve gained much perspective, been challenged, and look forward to continue on this journey. As hard and unappealing the road may be, it is the right path. And it makes it all the better to know that there is another person in my life (with professional experience even) to guide me during this time.

This is Amy signing off for November 21st, 2009.

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