The Job Hunt Continues

Hopeful was and is all I can be. The job seemed like it was made for me and was almost too perfect to be the right choice. And I guess it was.

Buck up, kiddo.

Though Pacifica Christian High School didn’t work out and I am not able to join their family as a young new administrative assistant, I attempt to kick myself in the butt and move on. Maybe they saw my Facebook profile and were scared off by the high percentage in ridiculous photographs. Or maybe it was my previous post with their school crest embedded in my reflections of the interview that creeped them out. I like to pretend it’s not my lack in interviewing skills or qualifications, but these other obscure reasons.

And so I continue my quest for a source of income. It’s frustrating I’ll admit, and since my lovely “Aunt Flo” decided to come by this morning as well after hearing the unfortunate but polite news of the position “being filled” instead of “we don’t want you because we found someone else more qualified,” I was not in the greatest of moods as you can see. I’ve already been an emotional mess with everything else going on, and so this situation was definitely affected by such a state I’m in.

It could have been disastrous.

**Minor Realization: Dehydration and the crimson wave would explain why I almost fainted at Drake Stadium yesterday, and perhaps stress and my destructive tendency to worry doesn’t help either.

Besides the usual Craigslist and UCLA Careers job searching tools, I’m looking into Temp Agencies and Professional Staffing Resources, but nothing has been promising yet. Most only have about three positions open in the Los Angeles area, and they tend to be in accounting and finances. Yikes.

Lord, save me. You’ve called me to this internship and though I’m not doing ministry, I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I will continue to trust in your provision and timing, and not worry about what others will think. I know you are already working in Mom and Dad, and my hope is that when I tell them the news about not getting the position, they will be encouraging and not disappointed. You have shown me a lot in the past week, and I know you’re telling me to engage with my emotions on a deeper level. Thank you for the community around me, my friends and loved ones, and all their support. And most of all, I praise you for showing me more and more in this season how to live life in freedom that comes from a deeper love and relationship with you.

This is Amy Hu signing off for October 7th, 2009.

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