You have so bravely entered the world of Amy Hu.

Originally, my blog site was centered purely on humor. But as of late, I have found my fingers itching to write beyond that as I have been both inspired and challenged by a few other passions. As a result, I have now revamped justfiveletters.com to additionally include culinary adventures, issues of race, and some amateur photography.

I currently work for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a production associate. Basically, I’m a videographer that tells stories of the amazing things God is doing all over the world. On my free time, it is no surprise I enjoy cooking and eating, increasing my number of movie ratings, throwing back my new favorite IPA with friends, and continuing to be eclectic about my music taste.

I am, in no way, an amazing writer. If anything, I admit to being verbose and a frequenter of red and green squiggly lines on my Word documents. But I hope my thoughts and reflections would evoke intrigue, healthy dialogue, challenges, laughter, and/or even tears.

Thank you reader.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Sounds like you had a very positive experience with Maureen. Maybe I’ll give her a call…

    Wonderful blog! It was nice diversion from my chaotic life. Thank you.

    “God is there, and He is not silent” (Francis Schaeffer)

    2011 will be a good year for you 🙂

  2. Hi Amy, I came across your video while doing a search on “the names of God”. I watched your video and enjoyed it. I can see that your heart is full of love for all of life. Did you know that your name, HU, is also a name of God? Check it out: http://edgemagazine.net/2010/12/sing-hu/
    It’s a word that really doesn’t belong to any religion, and can be sung to develop a deeper inner connection with your spiritual guide, who I can easily tell is Jesus. Good luck to you on your spiritual journeys.

    Mike Mont-Eton

    1. Hi Mike!

      Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry–I completely forgot to reply to this wonderful comment! First off, thank you for visiting my site and watching my video. It means a lot to have such encouraging readers! Secondly, thank you for your insight and fun tidbit on my last name! Wow, I totally never knew that! I’m am definitely going to tell the other “Hu” members of my family 🙂

      I also want to wish you good luck on your own spiritual journey. Take care Mike, and again, thank you for the kind and wonderful message!


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