40 Possessions in 40 Days

This is the result of Lent 2012, where I gave up a possession everyday. Here are the results! Try it yourself, it’s challenging but oh-so freeing.


8 thoughts on “40 Possessions in 40 Days

  1. Hey! This is an awesome idea! Go you!

    Your laser scissors are pretty intense.

    How are you getting rid of all these?

    = )

    1. Hey Brian!

      Haha yeah…those laser scissors were awesome. Well, ideally lol.

      Actually I’m thinking of donating what I can’t give to people around me. You interested in anything. Hahaha

  2. WOW sister, this is a tough list. Very proud of you.

    Oh noz! Not the cute raccoon!

    Hey….can I have Death Proof if you don’t want it? We each got the other DVD for a gift…I can complete my collection. I’d like to see some women kick some butt again if you don’t mind. Or is this bending the rules??

  3. That’s awesome, Amy! What a great idea to live simply and to focus in on Jesus. I may do this next Lent or start now. (=

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