Daniel Friggin’ Craig


I just cannot WAIT for Skyfall to come out in theaters. And yes, it’s because of Daniel Craig.

Something just paralyzes every fiber of my body when I see Daniel Craig. I’m completely defenseless against him–like kryptonite for Superman or chocolate during my menstrual cycle. Total submission. Maybe it’s his incredible physique. Or perhaps his piercing blue eyes. Or his breathtaking ability in ass-kicking. Or his rugged, I-don’t-give-a-damn-about-anything attitude. Or his heart for justice because he dressed in drag once for a gender equality PSA for women. Or he married my favorite actress, Rachel Weisz, this past year.

But if I was really honest with myself, I think it’s just because I want to have his babies. I could make the world a better place with these magnificent Hapa offspring. And yes, I’d enjoy the conception process more obviously. (keke oh my!)

So not fair, right?

I remember the first time I realized that a man could actually take my breath away on screen during my early 20s (I had finally moved on from strapping young men of my age like Jake Gyllenhaal and Joshua Jackson) was when I was watching “Casino Royale” in theaters with one of my closest friends, Mel. The moment Daniel Craig came out of that ocean water in that tight, baby-blue number, I got so flustered that I grabbed Mel’s forearm and simply said, “Oh my God.” She didn’t even flinch and gave me the most sympathetic “I know” look. We were two helpless college women, sweating in our theater seats as 007 continued to destroy everyone around him for the woman he loved, and of course in the most stylish and form-fitting clothes that eventually all came off during a torture scene. If only I could break through the door and save him in that moment. But then again, I’d end up being the one needing rescue if I actually encountered Daniel Craig like that. I’d pass out in a second. Maybe two (just long enough to take a mental picture to last a lifetime).

And here’s the PSA that he did on gender equality. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man:

This is Amy Hu signing off for August 29th, 2012.

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