“Suffragette” and #BlackLivesMatter

I recently saw the trailer for “Suffragette” and was moved. I felt the pain and anger of the oppressed British women. I wanted to punch that pervy dude’s face for sexually harassing Carey Mulligan. I cheered when they gathered in huge numbers. It felt slightly cathartic when they threw rocks at windows. I got chills when they held their heads up high even though they … Continue reading “Suffragette” and #BlackLivesMatter

Chopped: Emotional Eating Edition

Sometimes, we need to just eat our feelings. Especially when we have some really cruddy days. A few of my girlfriends were just having the hardest of weeks, and so what better solution than to love them in one of the best ways I could: whipping up a five-course meal. I asked each of the four them to give me ingredients they craved, and from there I … Continue reading Chopped: Emotional Eating Edition